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Link Value is a team of highly-experienced IT experts from various countries that researched and established an ecosystem named Link Value. With Blockchain core platform and combining Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data and Internet of Things (IOT), we develop state-of-the-art technological product that has high applicability in real life.

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  • Cloud Computing

  • Blockchain

  • Crypto Currency

  • Artificial Intelligence

The Social Network

The Link Value Social Network is built with Blockchain technology platform and it has a high-end features and high-end security for individuals and groups. It also provide users with access to applications in the Link Value ecosystem.


E-commerce will expand globally with the support of high-end technologies from digitization and traditional supply chains that are rapidly becoming a smart supply chains.

Link Value E-commerce is linked closely to the applications in Link Value ecosystem providing a flexible and versatile electronic payment solution. Customers can also buy and sell services with LVC.

Crypto Currency

Internal Exchange
It support 100% payment with LVC and at the same time it helps individual and business partners to easily become a Link Value shareholders through investment in LVC.

Decentralized Exchange
It helps the community to transfer funds between LVC and other cryptocurrencies. It is a gateway that will create a stability and help LVC increase value over time. Cryptocurrency exchanges can handle up to millions of transactions per second.

Robot Trader

Robot Trader is researched and designed by Link Value as an intelligent assistant that helps Trader to trade automatically. Take Profit & Stoploss will help investors maximize profits when making investment in LVC and trading on the cryptocurrency exchanges of Link Value.

Artificial Intelligence

Artifical Intelligence is applicable to most of the products in the Link Value ecosystem.

In combination with Big Data, the products in the ecosystem have achieved the best results such as applications for the Robot Trader, Social Network, E-commerce.

Game Online

Link Value Online Game Portal will bring the most popular online games in the market today. Players can experience the most exciting and unique way of playing online games. The game portal has a built in Online Casino that will make players love to bet and make them feel like they’re playing at Las Vegas Casino.

Players who own an LVC will also have an opportunity to accumulate and increase the number of coins by winning at the Online Casino.

1.300.000.000 LVC

50%: 650.000.000 LVC

30%: 390.000.000 LVC


20%: 260.000.000 LVC

“Refusing a good opportunity does not make you poorer
rather, it push you to strive harder."